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  • Starting at the End - Worldview, God's Word & Your Future

Starting at the End - Worldview, God's Word & Your Future

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by Brad Alles

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People have great interest in defending their faith as well as knowing what the future holds, and for good reason. Is there any more intriguing topic than the future? Will humankind exterminate itself, come together in a peaceful existence, or be ushered into eternal states of heaven or hell after the Judgment Day of God? People want to know. Understanding the Bible as well as other worldviews will aid Christians in grasping events happening in the world around us today.

In order to figure out the times in which we live, we need to start at the end.  What do Secular Humanists think the future holds?  What do the New Age adherents say?  What do Muslims believe?  What do Christians know from the Bible, since it is the true Word of God? 

When one uses a map, one enters the starting point and the destination—the end point.  Once that is entered, the map is drawn to reach the goal.  We can’t understand the times we’re in unless we know where we are going.  We can’t grasp why people are living the way they are unless we know the target.  We need to start at the end—be aware of the various worldviews, their vision of the future, and how the Christian worldview “map” matches reality better in order to witness to the truthfulness of the Bible and the need for Jesus Christ as Savior.

Bible study participants will further understand what God says in His Word about the last days, Christ's return, and the joy believers have as they await "the life of the world to come." The knowledge gained from this resource will allow Christians to witness more effectively to the need of Jesus as Savior among the reality of today’s world.