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The Renaissance and Reformation Movements, Volume 2

The Renaissance and Reformation Movements, Volume 2

The Renaissance and Reformation Movements presents a panoramic history of the politico-ecclesiastical, intellectual, and cultural life of the two centuries preceding the 16th-century Reformation.

Stressing the dynamic character of the 14th and 15th centuries, Spitz paints a careful portrayal of virtually every phase of life in this epoch, especially focusing on late medieval theology and particular Renaissance humanism.

This second volume chronicles the people, ideas, and movements of the 16th century with the same insight and stylistic vividness that distinguish the first volume.

Chapters address

The Age of the Reformation
Luther's evangelical thrust
The Roman Empire in crisis
Zwingli and the Radicals
Calvin and Calvinsim
The Reformation in England and Scotland
The Catholic Reformation
The civil war in France and the Spanish Preponderance
England under Elizabeth
The impact of the Renaissance and the Reformation on society and culture.