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PathLight - Grade 8 This We Believe Student Workbook

PathLight - Grade 8 This We Believe Student Workbook

This instruction course prepares students for confirmation through a review of content provided in Pathlight: Faith for Life and additional lessons on the Six Chief Parts of Christian Doctrine.

This We Believe contains 24 lessons:

1. Review: First in My Life
2. Review: My Neighbor, Part 1
3. Review: My Neighbor, Part 2
4. Review: First Article
5. Review: Second Article
6. Review: Third Article
7. Prayer and Introduction to the Lord’s Prayer
8. The First Petition
9. The Second Petition
10. The Third Petition
11. The Fourth Petition
12. The Fifth Petition
13. The Sixth Petition
14. The Seventh Petition and Conclusion
15. The Nature of Baptism
16. The Blessings and Power of Baptism
17. The Power and Significance of Baptism
18. Confession
19. The Office of the Keys
20. The Office of the Pastor
21. Church Discipline and Excommunication
22. The Nature of the Sacrament of the Altar
23. The Benefits and Power of the Lord’s Supper
24. How to Receive This Sacrament Worthily

Used with Faith for Life, this resource provides a two year course of confirmation instruction.