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Luther's Works, Volume 8 (Lectures on Genesis Chapters 45-50)

Luther's Works, Volume 8 (Lectures on Genesis Chapters 45-50)

Luther’s Works: The American Edition, published by Concordia and Fortress Press between 1955 and 1986, comprises fifty-five volumes. These are a selection representing only about a third of Luther’s works in the Latin and German of the standard Weimar Edition, not including the German Bible.

In this volume Luther concludes his Lecture on Genesis (45—50). Joseph, whom God has made lord of all Egypt, reveals himself to his brothers. “I am your brother, Joseph, whom you sold into Egypt.” Although he has the power to sentence them to severe punishment for their heinous crime, he gives them full forgiveness. Since his heart has been pining away for his aged father, he orders his brothers to return in haste to their homeland and to bring Jacob to Egypt. When Jacob hears the good news, his disconsolate spirit revives. Then he and his household— 70 souls in all—migrate to Egypt and settle in the land of Goshen.—“I can do no more,” says Luther after he has completed his last lecture on the Book of Genesis. But could any theologian have done more?
Although Luther was by no means full of physical vigor when he delivered these discourses, his mind was razor-sharp and constantly alert. His comprehensive acquaintance with Scripture is always in evidence.