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The Lonely Way: Selected Essays and Letters, Volume 1

The Lonely Way: Selected Essays and Letters, Volume 1

Despite studying under Harnack, Holl, and old Liberalism, Sasse became a prominent figure in confessional Lutheranism by the time of World War I. A leader in the German ecumenical movement for years, he untiringly advocated that real unity could only be the result of real doctrinal agreement.

He had the respect of Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Anglicans, and the Reformed alike. In his later years, Sasse believed that the Missouri Synod was the last hope for world confessional Lutheranism and dedicated his efforts to raising the Synod’s consciousness of its world significance. This collection of the writings of Herman Sasse is comprised, with several exceptions, of materials never before published in English.

This volume compiles material from 1926 through 1939, including articles, papers, essays, theses, lectures, and pastoral letters.