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The History of Pietism

The History of Pietism

This commentary, written from a confessional Lutheran standpoint, serves as a resource for the study of Pietism. The History of Pietism presents the history of events leading up to the Pietistic Movement and offers a fair appraisal of the movement's founders Philip Spener and August Francke. The author recognizes the problems in the orthodox church and the validity of the Pietists' complaints. He offers his conclusions on where the Pietists were right and how they went wrong. This book helps readers understand temptations present-day Lutherans face as they seek to improve their congregations. After a lengthy introduction in which the author acquaints readers with 17th-century Germany at the time of the Pietistic Movement, he discusses the movement in 10 chapters: Speners's Early Life; Spener's Views and Principles; Spener's Later Life; The Movements That Arose From Pietism; Individual Attacks on Spener; The Controversies Over Individual Aspects of Pietism; August Hermann Francke; Lange and Loescher; The Doctrinal Controversies; and The Essence of Pietism.
Includes translator and author prefaces, abbreviations and book cited pages, an introduction, endnotes, and an index. Size 6 x 9 inches. Hardcover. 412 Pages. Published 2007. Author Heinrich Schmid was a professor of theology at the University of Erlangen (Germany) during the 1800s. Translator James L. Langbartels is a pastor at Christ Lutheran Church in Imlay City, Michigan, and has translated other works such as The Complete Timotheus Verinus.