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Here We Stand

Here We Stand

Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther said, "Here I stand!" when confronted with the heresies of his day. Not much has changed. Christians are still confronted with faith-destroying teachings that now seem to come from every direction. Today the entire Christian worldview is under attack. Even the notion of truth itself is denied. How is a Christian to respond in the face of such non-Christian worldviews? We need to understand those views as well as our own faith and worldview based on Scripture and firmly says, "Here we stand!"
In this Impact Series book, the authors use the truth of God's Word to examine such worldviews as Darwinism, Islam, New Age, atheism, pantheism (the view that everything is God--humans and all of nature), postmodernism, and the moral relativism that says anything and everything is "OK." By learning about other worldviews, Christians can better understand and witness to the people who hold those views. Readers will also see how such non-Christian worldviews influence their own beliefs, attitudes, and actions without their realizing it. Published 2010. Papercover, Size is 5 3/8 x 8 1/4 inches, 368 Pages.