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God's Word for Today: Numbers

God's Word for Today: Numbers

In this Book, we see how God leads His people through the wilderness to their promised destination. He does this out of pure grace and in spite of their disobedience. God calls His people to trust in His gracious promises and to rely on Him solely by faith. Through their testing and trials, God draws them to look upon Him and live. In Numbers we will see:

the cycle of repentance and forgiveness among God's Old Testament people;
the means of grace through which God grants and sustains faith;
the types and foreshadowings of Christ in the tabernacle, the tabernacle services, and in the bronze serpent.

Lesson Outline:

Lesson 1 - The First Census of God's People
Lesson 2 - God's Demands for Purity
Lesson 3 - The Journey from Sinai to Kadesh
Lesson 4 - Unbelief and Korah's Rebellion
Lesson 5 - Aaron and the Means of Grace
Lesson 6 - Death and Destruction
Lesson 7 - Look and Live
Lesson 8 - Balak, Balaam, and Baal
Lesson 9 - The Second Census and Instructions
Lesson 10 - War and Settlement
Lesson 11 - Review and Regulations