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God's Word for Today: Judges

God's Word for Today: Judges

Following the death of Joshua and before the rise of Israel's monarchy, God preserved His people from being absorbed by pagan cultures through the ministry of savior-judges. Although immanently human and sometimes exceedingly wicked, God's gracious work through these men and women foreshadows His greater work of deliverance through the true and perfect Savior-Judge, Jesus Christ. In Judges you will learn about:

the successful woman-man team of Deborah and Barak;
the mighty Spirit-powere deeds of Samson;
God's faithfulness to His covenantal promises to His people, ultimately fulfilled in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Session 1: An Everlasting Covenant
Session 2: God Raises Up Judges
Session 3: The First Judges
Session 4: Deborah and Barak
Session 5: Gideon
Session 6: Abimelech through Abdon
Session 7: Meet Samson
Session 8: Samson's Temper
Session 9: Samson and the Lord's Triumph
Session 10: Life Outside of God's Covenant
Session 11: Civil War