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God's Word for Today: 2 Corinthians

God's Word for Today: 2 Corinthians

In this Book, Paul opens his heart to the congregation in Corinth. The forthright tone he used in 1 Corinthians melts into meekness and gentleness in 2 Corinthians. Through Paul's suffering, foolishness, and weakness, he imparts divine power, wisdom, and strength to the congregation. He encourages their gracious giving, and warns them against super-apostles, who would lead them away from Christ. In 2 Corinthians we will learn more about:

the reasons for Paul's delayed visit to Corinth;
the wondrous glory of the new covenant;
the apostolic ministry of reconciling sinners to a gracious God;
how God's power is perfected in our weakness.

God's Sufficient Grace

Session 1: The God of All Comfort
Session 2: God's Answer Is Yes!
Session 3: Superiority of the New Covenant
Session 4: Treasure in Clay Jars
Session 5: Ministry of Reconciliation
Session 6: Paul and Titus
Session 7: Christ's Poverty, Our Wealth
Session 8: Obedience to Christ
Session 9: Different Spirit, Different Gospel
Session 10: Sufficient Grace
Session 11: The God of Love and Peace