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God's Word for Today: 1st & 2nd Kings

God's Word for Today: 1st & 2nd Kings

Each study in the God’s Word for Today series provides an in-depth exploration of a book of the Bible. Each session includes:

background information on the book of the Bible, its author, audience, occasion, and purpose
learning experiences that promote exciting and challenging discussions;
notes for leaders that answer questions, suggest a learning process, and provide additional information;
discussion starters that help participants apply God’s Word to their daily lives.

A wise and powerful king. A magnificent temple and palace. Moral weakness and spiritual corruption. The splitting of a dynasty. Weak and ineffective rulers. Attempts at reform. National ruin and regret. Foreign invasion. And then?

This story is not the creation of a brilliant writer of contemporary fiction, it is the true record of God's Old Testament people, a record inspired by the Holy Spirit. In 1 and 2 Kings you will learn:

how the world can allure us away from heavenly blessings;
how God goes to great lengths to redeem His people;
that in spite of their disobedience, God keeps His promises through our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Lesson Outline:
Lesson 1 - Solomon, Israel's New King
Lesson 2 - Solomon's Temple
Lesson 3 - Solomon, a Faith Lost
Lesson 4 - The Divided Kingdom
Lesson 5 - Ahab and Elijah
Lesson 6 - Elisha
Lesson 7 - Reforms in Israel and Judah
Lesson 8 - A Parade of Weak Kings
Lesson 9 - Israel Falls
Lesson 10 - God Rejects Judah
Lesson 11 - Judah Falls