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God's Word for Today: 1, 2, 3 John

God's Word for Today: 1, 2, 3 John

Toward the close of the first century AD, the apostle John wrote three letters. In 1 John, the apostle uses simple language to communicate some of the most profound theology in the Scriptures. Using dualistic contrasts such as light and dark, love and hate, and Christ and antichrists, John puts forth his underlying view of the world: the cosmic battle between God and the devil.

In 2 John, the apostle encourages his readers to walk in truth and love, and warns against false teachers. In 3 John, the apostle commends Gaius for assisting traveling missionaries and criticizes Diotrephes for failing to welcome them.

In this study, you will learn about:
• the realities of Jesus’ incarnation and messiahship;
• believers’ obligation to love their neighbor;
• God’s abundant mercy and forgiveness in Christ.

Each study in the God’s Word for Today series provides an in-depth exploration of a book of the Bible. Each session includes the following:

Background information on the book of the Bible, its author, audience, occasion, and purpose
Learning experiences that promote exciting and challenging discussions
Notes for leaders that answer questions, suggest a learning process, and provide additional information
Discussion starters that help participants apply God’s Word to their daily lives