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The Flood

The Flood

When you begin to ponder the terrible judgement of the Flood waters that God used to completely destroy the first world, then immediately a number of perplexing problems present themselves. For example:

How can we explain the coming together of all the animals and birds from all parts of the world at one time?
How was it possible for eight people to feed and provide drink for all the different animals in the Ark for over a year? How was it possible for them to clean the Ark?
Where did all the water come from? Is there actually enough water on our planet to cover the entire earth?
How could the Ark accommodate the natural increase of the animals?
Is the alleged discovery of the remains of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat by a Russian aviator a true account?
What became of all the water when the Flood subsided?
Did the Flood waters rise to an elevation to cover such lofty heights as Pike's Peak, Mount Everest, Mount McKinley?
When did the Flood begin? How long did it last?
Where did Noah acquire the 'know-how' for building such a spacious and durable Ark?
How can we account for the rapid progress of the nations following the Flood?
What was the population?

To all these troublesome questions -- and many more -- the author submits satisfactory solutions. From archeaology, excavations, honest historical research, Dr. Rehwinkel proves the inspired Word of God to be an absolute reliable source book -- also in dealing with natural phenomena and scientific facts.